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I bet Medusa used to take selfies and send em to people she disliked like surprise you little bitch






i remember one time this dude sent me a shirtless pic with the caption “lol maybe u can save this for a rainy day ;)”

and i was like “for what? to keep me dry? because that’s what it’s doing right now”


Lol daaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmn




By popular demand: the famous scene from Bugs and Thugs!

You know you’re in too deep when you can hear their voices.


there’s a dentist’s office above the starbucks i work at and the doctors come down all the time and today one of them walked in after a group of his coworkers and when they saw him he exclaimed “dentalmen!” and i fuckin lost it


Dr. Mary Walker ”believed that tight corsets along with voluminous skirts and petticoats were unsanitary and hampered her medical practice. So she didn’t wear them: first sporting bloomers, then, midway through the war, abandoning those for a male surgeon’s uniform. She didn’t attempt to pass as a man; she was an obviously female doctor wearing a male uniform…. She continued to wear men’s clothing throughout her long life (she lived until 1919) and continually advocated for rational dress reform for women.”

"stuck in the same place i’ve always been. and i’ll keep wondering, and wondering, and wondering, and wondering… when will my life begin?"

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